Thanks but...

For some reason you answered a question on a form that let us know that you might not be ready to do stuff with us.

We still love you.

So we’ve included a video that can help you gain a greater understanding about how much some digital marketing services can cost…

John breaks it down for us…

$8k/m for YouTube ad agency – $16k up front (Posting, editing, management)
$3k/m Google Ads (Not including spend)
$2k/m Affiliate Management
$700/m YouTube Ads (not the same as the posting above)
$2k up front & $3k or 15% of spend for Facebook Ads Management
$2.5k/m & $500 setup fee for SEO
$1,250 one time LiveChat Bot
$40/hr $5k up front for Support ($5k/m)
$75/hr for website development ($10k/m)

That is a WHOPPING

$29,500 Up Front
$34,200 Every Month

Remember if you have questions or if you DO think you’re ready to get started…
You can always ‘Book a Discovery call’

Until we do have the pleasure of talking with you – have and AMAZING day!

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