StoryTree™ Workshop

Who is this page for?

If you want to learn to create content that tells stories in a connected way, in a way that brings your audience along on a journey, then the StoryTree™ workshop is a great place to start – best of all, your first workshop is 💯 free!

This is also one of the only places to test our services out at an unheard of rate!

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Are you the right fit?

Who is this for?

  • Content Creators who want a simple content creation framework
  • Storytellers who are ready to make an impact
  • Cause focused organizations who will invest in consistently delivering their message.
  • Coaches, Consultants, and Marketers who know how important it is to deliver consistent content 

Who is this not for?

  • Individuals or Organizations who are not interested in telling stories that inspire others to ‘Do Good’
  • Decision-makers who will not invest in telling important stories.
  • Anyone who doesn’t think consistency is important.

What is a StoryTree™ Workshop?

The StoryTree workshop is a 90 min content creation session that follows a proprietary (fancy word for we made this up) content creation and delivery framework.

100 people
(we can do workshops with as many as 1000 people but we’re not going there quite yet)
In one workshop.

In the TOTALLY FREE workshop we teach the StoryTree framework and show you how to customize your specific StoryTree.  We also go through building your first two StoryTrees.

In EVERY workshop you come in the room, we have a little intro, then we breakout into smaller groups of 4 attendees. 

Once StoryTrees building begins every 20 min we share and give feedback. Everyone gets better at content creation and new relationships are built.

For those who are part of the UNLIMITED plan there is also a Facebook Group where we can all share ideas, get feedback, and even post important posts so we can all engage and help hack the algo’s that we all love so much… (complete sarcasm there is you couldn’t tell)

Add in the SMGE Lite program and you’ll get guaranteed content engagement plus access to our social media content management system, post scheduling, reports, and account growth. 

How much FUN can we have?

We love our clients, we have fun, and we do great work. Just how much fun we have together is up to you…

StoryTree™ Workshop

First 90 min Workshop FREE!
$ Free
  • 90 Min Workshop
  • Free Guide
  • Breakouts w/ 4 new cool people

StoryTree™ + SMGE Lite

Content + Growth
$ 595
  • StoryTree™ Workshops 4x/m +
  • Content Scheduling Platform
  • SMGE Lite
  • Guaranteed Content Engagement
$500 value

Learn more about The Adora Journey

Imagine your expertise was like a forest.

How many years, weeks, hours, days, minutes, seconds have you spent walking, learning and exploring your forest?

10,000 hours at least?

How often do you now miss the wonder of your forest for the trees? 

Your customer is still in wonder, they are just walking up to your forest and they have no idea where to start, what path to take, or what tree is going to be the most important tree for them.

We simply help you connect with your customer in a way that brings everyone into alignment and in a way that helps you pull your ‘head out of the tree’ you may be obsessing about right now so you see things the way your ideal customer does.


You are the expert in your field, you are the guide for your customers, there is no strategic plan without the brilliance that lives in you.


Strategy and tactics are built around timeframes and feedback systems. Telling the right stories in the right order is key to success - all this starts with a solid and informed plan.


Every one loves when a plan comes together. Acting with confidence, with total team buy-in and with some aces up our sleeves is the goal. Add in great feedback systems for adjustments and pivots and success is inevitable.

Free ways to Test us out.

You may want to ease your way into working with us. Well you’re in luck, here are a few FREE ways to do just that.

StoryTree™ Workshop

You have Stories worth telling. Stories worth sharing. Stories worth hearing.

Conscious Canvas™

The BEST way to see the most important activities in your Non-Profit all at a glance.

Mind Blowing

A Discovery call includes a short brainstorm & we WILL blow your...


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