Let’s Start with ‘Why’


Fumbling through an answer when you’re asked “So, why do you do what you do?” is never fun.

So why does it even happen?

Maybe you haven’t thought about why you do what you do in a long time.

It’s something we ask everyone right at the start at any Adora company.

Why do you do anything? What drives you, what is your crazy dream, goal, or vision?

So many people haven’t discovered that yet. Most fumble around in their heads for an answer and usually we step in tod let them know it’s OK to not have an answer.

Actually, more often than not there is an answer but the person is worried it won’t impress or that they aren’t sure that what comes to mind is the actual answer.

And the funny thing about ‘Why’ we do things is it changes over time.

If you want to learn more about our why click on the about link up in the header.

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