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When you need more than a website

If you’re an established entrepreneur or if you’re leading a new initiative at your organization and you’re looking for a software team to build your vision, then keep reading to find out whether we may be a good fit for you.

Are you the right fit?

Who is this for?

  • A company or initiative leader who knows the value of finding the right people
  • A non-technical leader with experience building real technology – who knows the value & costs 
  • An organization that is looking for specific experience to help with an internal build
  • Seasoned Entrepreneurs who want guidance and a team to build the technology behind their idea
  • Coaches, Consultants, and Marketers who know how technology can take their brand to a new level. 

Who is this not for?

  • Individuals or Organizations who have never built real technology and do not know the value or cost
  • Decision-makers who will not invest in building technology the right way & want to cut corners
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to ‘Do Good’ either directly or through the production of value through the technology we build together.

Ok what is 'Real Tech' anyway?

First let’s talk about how building a website is easy. 

Wix, WordPress, Squarspace, Shopify, and even a full stack custom built website is easier now than it’s ever been. 

What was once difficult technology can now be built without coding and for less than $500 in investment adding in about 100+ hours of fumbling around.

There is value in learning how to manage and build your own website, we can even help with that – especially when you are a Non-Profit, B-Corp, or Mission Driven Company.

If you want a website built, and then trained on how to interact with it, let us know. We build websites in two ways:

Built, Managed, Hosted, & Paid for over 2 years


Built and handed off

This is a way for us to give you options. 

Spreading the cost of your website out over 2 years gives more of our amazing ‘Do Good’ orgs and influencers the ability to get an amazing website and get to doing more good faster.


Ok back to building 'Real Tech'

Here is what that looks like…

If you have an idea that requires something unconventional, the pairing of functionality that you may have seen in separate places yet not put together in the way you envision.

If you want your own version of complicated technology, a mobile app or progressive web app (PWA) you have seen somewhere else, or maybe you have subtle yet valuable improvements to what you see somewhere else.

We have a dedicated software team who specialize in the following services:

* Design, Branding and User Stories
* Mobile and Web Applications
* SQL, NoSQL Database Operations
* Full Stack JavaScript
* Applying Machine Intelligence
*Next Level Security Layers

What’s your vision? We have over a decade of experience taking apps from concept to reality.

Here is where you want to start. Most real technology costs 3 times as much and takes 3 times as long as you THINK.

This means that $500-700k is where working, stable, revenue generating technology ends up from a cost perspective – and it usually takes at least 9-12 months to get there.

If you want to learn how our process cuts down on time and cost fill out the form below and let’s have a conversation.

Are you ready to get started?

How much FUN can we have?

We love our clients, we have fun, and we do great work. Just how much fun we have together is up to you…


Getting Started w/ Discovery & Planning
$ 1,200
  • Choose Simple or Complex
  • 2 yr plan or built & handed off
  • Range of total cost $2.1 - 9.8k
  • Training included
Get Started

'Real Tech'

Getting Started w/ Discovery & Planning
$ 12,000
  • 6-8 wk Discovery & Planning
  • Full Outline of Requirements
  • Environment Setup
  • User Flows & Mockups
  • Full v1.0 UX Wireframes

'Real Tech'

Full Steam Development
$ 50-80k
  • After 'Real Tech' Getting Started
  • 3 months to MVP in 2 week sprints
  • Expect $200-260k minimum MVP
  • Includes Basic Launch Marketing
$500k+ value

Free ways to Test us out.

You may want to ease your way into working with us. Well you’re in luck, here are a few FREE ways to do just that.

StoryTree™ Workshop

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Conscious Canvas™

The BEST way to see the most important activities in your Non-Profit all at a glance.

Mind Blowing

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