Are you a Non-Profit?

If you are a professional marketer working with, for, or in a non-profit organization and you want to find help getting more exposure and support for your marketing efforts we are interested in exploring a relationship with you and your non-profit.

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Are you the right fit?

Who is this for?

  • Marketing Professionals working with, for, or in a non-profit organization
  • Executive Directors, Board members, or other development personnel inside a non-profit org.
  • Those looking to form a new non-profit entity
  • If you are a B-Corp you can schedule a discovery call and we may allow you to take advantage of these non-profit rates.

Who is this not for?

  • Non-Profit orgs that are driven by individuals that view their efforts as a vanity project
  • Non-profits who are completely fine NOT actually growing and progressing towards doing more good.
  • Anyone who is using a non-profit or cause for any other reason than to make the impact they say they want to.

'The Blend'

Our primary program is ‘The Blend’

It is the program that we hope to nurture and develop into a key marketing and storytelling tool to help us reach our no doubt combined goal of dominating the mind-space of the world with stories that inspire good.

If you are a professional marketer working with, for, or in a non-profit organization we would love to talk to you about participating in ‘The Blend’

‘The Blend’ is not only free for you to participate in but it is a way for us to provide to you consistent funding. YES you get paid to participate in ‘The Blend’ program.

Not only do you gain funding for your activity on a weekly basis, for your participation in ‘The Blend’ but you will also be given the opportunity to help Brands do good by accepting their direct help, financially, in-kind, and with volunteer efforts.

Not ever non-profit is ready to participate in ‘The Blend’ and this is why we have programs, products, and services to help get ready. For those non-profits who may be ready but would like more support we have options for you too.

How much FUN can we have?

We especially love our non-profit partners, we have fun, and we do great work. Just how much fun we have together is up to you…

Conscious Canvas Workshop

Workshop w/ the creator
$ 195
  • 90 min Conscious Canvas Workshop
  • Lead by the creator - Kyle S. Thomas
  • View the walkthrough Here First
  • One 30 min follow-up session
Get Started


Get Your 💩 Together
$ 1,980
  • Includes Conscious Canvas Workshop
  • Covers a 12 wk Roadmap
  • Full Outline of Recommendations
  • Progress & Strategy Sessions 2x/m
  • SMGE Lite + StoryTree™ Unlimited
Limited Time

NPO/NGO 'All The Things'

Full Steam Ahead
$ 12-15k
  • All the NPO/NGO 'GYST'
  • Simple Web Development
  • Full SMGE + 24hr Support
  • Content Creation + Management
  • All Included if chosen for 'The Blend'

The Journey

Imagine your expertise was like a forest.

How many years, weeks, hours, days, minutes, seconds have you spent walking, learning and exploring your forest?

10,000 hours at least?

How often do you now miss the wonder of your forest for the trees? 

Your customer is still in wonder, they are just walking up to your forest and they have no idea where to start, what path to take, or what tree is going to be the most important tree for them.

We simply help you connect with your customer in a way that helps pull your ‘head out of the tree’ you may be obsessing about at this moment, so you can see things the way your ideal customer does.


You are the expert in your field, you are the guide for your customers, there is no strategic plan without the brilliance that lives in you.


Strategy and tactics are built around timeframes and feedback systems. Telling the right stories in the right order is key to success - all this starts with a solid and informed plan.


Every one loves when a plan comes together. Acting with confidence, with total team buy-in and with some aces up our sleeves is the goal. Add in great feedback systems for adjustments and pivots and success is inevitable.

Free ways to Test us out.

You may want to ease your way into working with us. Well you’re in luck, here are a few FREE ways to do just that.

StoryTree™ Workshop

You have Stories worth telling. Stories worth sharing. Stories worth hearing.

Conscious Canvas™

The BEST way to see the most important activities in your Non-Profit all at a glance.

Mind Blowing

A Discovery call includes a short brainstorm & we WILL blow your...


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