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Now to the good stuff…

We are Launching a “Giving Tuesday” campaign to help the victims of Domestic Violence

We have (or are finalizing) relationships with large security companies in the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
New Zealand

The campaign is to gather donations to cover security systems for those who may need them most.

For every two (2) systems paid for through donations (or purchased as a gift or for personal use), our security partners are committing to donating another system for free.

It’s a basic 2 for 1 or buy 2 get 1 free deal.

The kicker is those who will be given the systems will receive them at absolutely NO cost.

We know that it’s easier to just go about your day BUT we also know that filling out a form, or sending an intro email is quick and easy too, we’ve even given you options so it’s almost TOO easy to help.

Here are three ways you can help…

We would love your introductions to the following people you may have in your network

  • People who have experienced Domestic Violence
  • Those who support, work in, or run Domestic Violence Shelters
  • Those who contribute to or are active in an organization that supports the cause of Domestic Violence

Fill out this form OR checkout ‘Thing 2’ – Email copy for an easy copy & paste email to intro us.

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Copy and Paste this intro email (Yep we’ve written it for you)

Hello (Name of your second best friend)

I’m sending this as an introduction to the team over at Adora create.

They are working on a cool ‘Giving Tuesday’ campaign to help those supporting Domestic Violence survivors.

I thought of you and wanted to put you together to see if there was any magic that could come of the introduction.


Your 2nd best friend,

(Your Name)

Yep if you, or someone you love could use a Security system OR if you just want to get in on the fun early YOU can donate today.

We will be handling all the $ for the campaign so we can distribute to both the Shelters, Paid Volunteers, and so we can keep the security companies donating the matching systems.

We are partnering with (this is a cool partner that we’ve almost got signed) to create an escrow account that pays out for systems over the year rather than just handing over a bunch of $ to our security partners. 

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If this intrigues you...

If this inspires you, if this give you the tingles, goosebumps, or a shiver down your spine and you would love to help us bring the campaign to life…

We are looking for people who are good trainers, who have experience working with volunteers (if you know you know) or if you want to help us on the phones over the rest of the year and earn some $$.

We want to talk to you – fill out this form! ⬇️

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Thank you for even clicking on our message, for staying with us to this point and we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!


The Adora Team