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Are you an Influencer or Non-Profit?

This page is for our potential Non-Profit and Influencer partners.

Brands are looking for ways to do more good.

They’ve realized that it is not enough to just focus on profits at the expense of all else.

Matter of fact, recently the Business Roundtable or BRT, an association of CEOs the lead nearly 200 of America’s most prominent companies, completely reframed what they view as the purpose of a corporation.

These leaders have committed to focusing on the following efforts ahead of the traditional focus of shareholder value:

Delivering value to customers
Investing in employees
Dealing fairly and ethically with suppliers
Supporting the communities in which we work
and finally…
Generating long-term value for shareholders

We love the idea of encouraging these large companies to use powerful, and effective ways they can focus on these very efforts. There are many non-profits that are also focused on supporting their customers, employees, suppliers (usually much smaller entities), and the communities they live and earn income in.

If you are one of these non-profits, one that supports any of these categories, we are even more excited to connect you to these brands through ‘The Blend’

If you are an influencer and you want to help us tell some of these amazing stories – so we can inspire more brands, more people, and more of your audience, to do good – then we want to talk to you as well.

We hope to partner with you, and every single one of these brands to help them fulfill on these new standards – we know that there is SO much that we can all do together to help this new vision come to pass.

Will YOU be part of helping us do this?

Read more about the the BRT’s new ‘Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation’ 

Are you the right fit?

Who is this for?

  • Non-Profits and influencers who want to make a positive impact on this world.
  • Executive Directors, Board members, or other development personnel inside a non-profit org.
  • Marketing professionals or influencers who want to do more cause marketing
  • Agencies who manage non-profits or brands who know the value of cause marketing.

Who is this not for?

  • NonProfit orgs that are driven by individuals that view their efforts as a vanity project
  • Non-profits or influencers who are completely fine NOT actually growing and progressing towards doing more good.
  • Anyone who is using a non-profit or cause for any other reason than to make the impact they say they want to.

Does this still sound like you?

Fill out this form to schedule a partnership discovery call.

If we both feel like a partnership is a good fit we’ll do a feature on you and then begin the process of fitting you into the schedule for ‘The Blend’

Once you finish the form you’ll be redirected to a scheduling page.

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