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GenTech Phoenix

After School Technology Program Needs YOU

URGENT: Yes we know this is short notice BUT we love the focus that GenTech has on helping the Phoenix metro area take MAJOR steps forward in Tech Education.

They are looking for instructors for next week and on through the rest of 2019, here is the outline of the immediate need:

Details: We need instructors to lead a class (with an in class aid for support) for the semester. The commitment is an hour and a half only somewhere between 2-5:30 depending on the school they’d be assigned and only on Monday Tuesday and Thursday. (if someone was only able to do Monday, we would take that!)  Oh also, the schools would be in the Washington School District, which is off i17 somewhere from Northern to Greenway ish.

For next week we are looking for instructors to fill the following:

1) Acacia Elementary School : Mon Tues, Thurs : 3:15 – 4:45 : Student Grade 3-6 :
2) Acacia Elementary School : Thurs : 3:15 – 4:45 : Student Grade 3-6 : *
3) Moon Mountain : Mon, Wed : 2:45 – 4:15 : Student Grade 4-6 :
4) Tumbleweed Elementary School : Mon : 3:15 – 4:45 : Student Grade 4-6 :
5) Washington Elementary : Mon, Tues, Thurs 3:15 – 4:45 : Student Grade 6-8 :

Acacia has contracted GenTech for 3 classes, one of the 3 on Thursday our instructor will be late for. This requirement is for his backup assuming he will be unable to make Thursdays

Here are the addresses of the schools above

Washington Elementary
8033 N. 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85051

Tumbleweed Elementary
4001 W. Laurel Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85029

Moon Mountain
13425 N. 19th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85029
Acacia Elementary School
3021 W. Evans Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85053

Training is tomorrow (Saturday September 21st) from 12 noon – 3pm

This is a paid gig! $15/hr
If you are interested email any of the following people:
More info on GenTech
Additional Opportunities for Applicants:
(We get our instructors fingerprinted, bonded, insured)
Depending on who they are and their interest, or current employment… there would be opportunity in GenTech for them to help lead some of our internal technology development and maintenance. Assuming a successful semester.   For that case… I’ll include below a quick summary of what what Ive been building, aside from trying to learn and help run the Business.

mostly fyi: right now our dev environment is hosted on a server local in our tech center. It’s running CentOS and we use Postgresql. Our application is built with Ruby and we are using the Rails framework (we use bcrypt for password management) We also have a staging environment and production environment on a VPS (we use vultr.com) for both. Those environments are similar to dev except our production server (CentOS, Postgres, Ruby/Rails) though it is running HTTPS and hosted using Ngnix.

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