Coming to YOUR City!

We’re expanding to the following cities; Denver, San Fransisco & Northern Cali, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, SLC, and getting even bigger in our home town of Phoenix.

We work with B-corps, Non-Profits, and mission-driven companies but we don’t work alone.

A quick 15-minute discovery call should be all we need to see if working together is a good fit.

Are you an Influencer who wants to do good?
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Still need more info?

This page is for the kind-hearted, benevolent, awesome rockstars who want to share the good that many brands, people, and non-profits are doing for the most important team in the world – Humankind.

We are searching for those who are already doing good and want to contribute to a mission where the end goal is greatness. Adora’s agenda includes sharing action-driving stories that will cause others to #DoGood.

To accomplish this mission, we need YOU.

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to drive traffic away from the stories that most news outlets put out and remind the world how kind the human race can be. You can take part in creating a movement which will promote and build a world where we support, encourage, and motivate one another.

So, is that you?

How does all this actually go down?

Once influencers are chosen, we will onboard you to the SMGE Program.

We’ll start working with you on our local projects and hopefully even choose a local rep for us who will take in-person meetings and eventually take over the city for Adora.

We have a grander scheme at work here – the Adora App – an app that has been in development since 2014 and will change the way we give to charity as a society. We will be leaning on you for that launch as well – learn more about the Adora App here ⬅️

But wait there is more… You may be a perfect fit for ‘The Blend’ – a program we’ve been running for the last year and we are just now expanding into other markets – learn more about ‘The Blend’

What do ya get & what do ya gotta give?

- What you'll get -

  • All the benefits that a brand gets under the iLite SMGE package.
  • Free social media content manager (scheduling and analytics)
  • A unique chance to collaborate with individuals who all have the same passion for doing good
  • Possibly become a host for ‘The Blend’ with monetary compensation ($1-12k/m depends on influencer analytics)
  • Opportunity to partner with fortune 500 brands and tell a #DoGood story every week
Valued at $65k/m+ ('The Blend' + 'All the Things')

- What you'll give -

  • If Chosen for ‘The Blend’
  • Show up to film 4 days every quarter
  • You will curate and post 12 blog posts (1 per week) 
  • At minimum 2 social media posts on two different platforms each week to promote the blog posts.
  • Two honest reviews – one for the brand and one for the non-profit – which you must post on Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and can be posted on the respective websites as desired.
  • Review and sign off on all content in a timely matter
  • Be the awesome human being you already are