Supporting Our Community

If you have this link the first thing we want to say is thank you. Thank you for your strength, your support and your work for our communities around the world ❤️

OK, so how simple can we make this?

We want to help you or those you support feel safer.

We have (or are finalizing) relationships with large security companies in the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
New Zealand

The campaign is to gather donations to cover security systems for those who may need them most.

For every two (2) systems paid for through donations (or purchased as a gift or for personal use), our security partners are committing to donating another system for free.

It’s a basic 2 for 1 or buy 2 get 1 free deal.

The kicker is those who will be given the systems will receive them at absolutely NO cost.

We are looking for the following people in each of these countries to talk to:

1. People who have experienced Domestic Violence and are willing to tell their story

2. Those who support, work in, or run Domestic Violence Shelters

3. Those who contribute to or are active in an organization that supports the cause of Domestic Violence

What do the shelters get?

  • We help them get ready for ‘Giving Tuesday’ and the Holiday push for donations – not just for our campaign but for their entire range of donation options (i.e. state tax credit campaigns, micro donations, in-kind donations)
  • We will be giving them our Social Media Management Software FREE of charge
  • We will help organize and train their volunteers
  • In addition to the systems, each shelter will be able to give out through the year we will also be making financial contributions to each participating Shelter 
  • We will also be paying the volunteers based on both their success as well as the time they spend helping their city and shelter system
  • We will also be giving each shelter our Conscious Canvas workshop for FREE as well.

If this campaign intrigues you...

If this inspires you, if this give you the tingles, goosebumps, or a shiver down your spine and you would love to help us bring the campaign to life…

We are looking for people who are good trainers, who have experience working with volunteers (if you know you know) or if you want to help us on the phones over the rest of the year and earn some $$.

We want to talk to you – fill out this form! ⬇️