What ‘Social Media’ platforms are doing to your brand is NOT right…

There is a delicate balance

Social media is essential to creating your brand image. Customers won’t trust you if they can’t find you on their most important social media platforms. 

If this is true (it is, and you know it), how do you protect your brand when you don’t fully control your image on these platforms? Regardless of what you say about your brand in a post or in a video what ultimately matters is what social media users who see that content think of it. 

Which is just one of many risks of using or relying on social media for branding.

What are the top Social Media Platforms in 2019?


 Let’s take a look at the list of top social media sites by users:
(As of July 2019. MAUs = Monthly Active Users & DAUs = Daily Active Users.

1. Facebook – 2.23 billion MAUs
2. YouTube – 2 billion MAUs
3. Instagram – 1.1+ billion MAUs (half are DAUs!!!)
4. TikTok – 500 million MAUs
5. Reddit – 330 million MAUs
6. Twitter – 330 million MAUs
7. LinkedIn – 310 million MAUs
8. Snapchat – 295 million MAUs
9. Pinterest – 265 million MAUs

And let’s not forget the subset of digital social interaction – messaging apps.

With the advent of chatbots messaging platforms will increasingly become a main point of contact for customers, similar to text messaging but with much higher rates of interaction, click throughs, and conversions.

1. WhatsApp – 1.6 billion MAUs
2. Facebook Messenger – 1.3 billion MAUs
3. WeChat – 1.1 billion MAUs
4. Viber – 250 million MAUs
5. Discord – 250 million MAUs

Why is all this info important? Because YOU – the brand owner – are also still a customer for social media platforms, even though you’re using it to communicate with your customers. Being a brand owner doesn’t change the fact that you’re still the main customer for every social media and messaging company.

 WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? I know, I know, we’ll get to the point.

Average Revenue Per WHAT?

Yep. Average Revenue Per User.

It’s how platforms measure their revenue, income, the money they make – by every unit, which is to say every user or every one of YOU.

But how are they making money off you if they’re FREE? 

Most are monetized through advertising which means to them YOU are the product they’re selling to advertisers.

Which means platforms focus on getting as much out of you as they can for every second you spend on their platform.

They do this in two ways: they increase the value of each ad, or they increase the number of ads.

Both strategies require having enough ads on the site.

How do they get more ads?

By making you, an advertiser, pay twice to reach your audience in either time or money to get new followers, one more like or have one more user join your group.

Then when they decide to mute your reach – which is basically lowering the amount of your audience each post is seen by – you have to pay to advertise to the people who have already said YES to your brand.

That’s not OK.

One day a platform may show your message to 25 percent of your audience, but then the next day only 6 percent of your audience will see it. This means you aren’t able to sell the same amount of new product to the exact same size of audience.

Well, at least not organically. You can still PAY to reach them….again. 

This is where Adora create comes in. We don’t like these shenanigans and we love helping brands reach the people who have already said YES to them.

And that’s exactly what our SMGE – social media growth engine – program does. 

There are two ways you can learn more – book a discovery call or click around the site a bit to get a feel for what we do and offer.

Until we get your call, have an amazing day!

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