Ken Okazaki is coming to Phoenix & he’s bringing his Revolutionary ’52in2′ program with him!!

Shoot your entire year's worth of broadcast quality video content
in just two days 🤯

Get Ken as your one-on-one director helping you to clarify your messages, structure your videos, and perform on camera.


We’re even throwing in an exclusive Adora package with the ’52in2′ program.

We are partnering with Ken and his team at OMG to help you schedule, post, measure, and build complete ‘StoryTrees™’ around every one of your 52 weeks of content.

 You won’t find a better way to


Are you the right fit?

Who is this for?

  • Storytellers who are ready to make an impact
  • Cause focused organizations who will invest in consistently delivering their message.
  • Coaches, Consultants, and Marketers who know how to sell and just need more leads
  • Coachable, willing to work hard
  • Confident in selling their services or product
  • Fast implementers or have VA support

Who is this not for?

  • Organizations who are not interested in doing good
  • Decision-makers who will not invest in telling important stories
  • Businesses who haven’t identified their niche
  • Businesses who don’t have systems or funnels for converting sales
  • People who expect sales and conversions without any extra effort



Professional Videos


B-roll to Reset Attention

We add B-roll throughout the video to reset attention using clips provided.

Mood-setting Music

We choose background music that will match the energy of each video.

Visual Call-to-Action

We create an end screen visual CTA to encourage a micro-commitment.

Hockey Puck Title

We create bold eye-catching and thought provoking titles for the top of each video.


We animate visuals throughout the video to maximize attention for important points.

Bold Captions

We will add bold captions below each video to increase engagement.


1 Step 1

The 52in2 program is:

$5,000 up front then 

$4,000 per month for 12 months...

$ 5,000
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